Virgin Organic Brazil Nut Oil - 1 oz

Virgin Organic Brazil Nut Oil - 1 oz

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  • 100% Pure Organic, Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Undiluted. BOTANICAL NAME: Bertholletia excelsa; COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Brazil; EXTRACTION METHOD: Cold Pressed, Unrefined; SCENT: Sweet, nutty scent; Color: Light Yellow; PACKAGED in a dark amber glass bottle with glass dropper.
  • Glide on Brazil Nut Beautifying Oil for instant head-to-toe moisture with a sweet, nutty scent. It is extracted from hand-harvested nuts in Brazil. For body, face and hair. A little goes a long way. Sweet and nutty scent
  • FACIAL CARE. Highly nourishin, promotes healthy radiant skin, beneficial for mature skin. Light and non-greassy.
  • BODY CARE. Softens skin, combats dry cracked skin, skin with vital nutrients. Beneficial to mature, aging skin and dry skin condition. Suitable for children.
  • HAIR CARE. Restores natural luster to dull hair & controls frizzes. Strengthens damaged hair and softens dry brittle hair.